Staylit.TV launch ‘Busking Corner’ to promote London’s street performers NEW YEARS DAY 2019

Staylit.TV launch ‘Busking Corner’ to promote London’s street performers

Following on from the recent launch of the new Staylit.TV website the entertainment company have announced the beginning of ‘Busking Corner’ to help promote unsigned musicians on January 1st 2019 The weekly event will see buskers from around London get a chance to play their music in a studio environment while being streamed live across various social media platforms.

The opportunity for self-promotion will also be coupled with viewers being able to donate towards the buskers, with all contributions going directly to the artists. Similar schemes exist, such as Busk in London which provides buskers with the freedom to perform naturally without constraint. Busking Corner is being introduced to offer buskers a chance to reach a wider audience and earn some money all within a professional environment. Audiences will receive an insight into the lives of the performers and be able to put a name to the face as well learning about the musicians’ processes. Along with performing for a larger audience, the musicians will be able to link up with other performers of their type and let their creative instincts flow.

There are no exact figures on the number of buskers in London but the rules on where and when you can perform indicate large numbers across the capital. The practice itself is entirely legal but certain areas of the city require a license. Rules such as not displaying notices for payments, not blocking public highways and limiting the amount of noise are some. Exceptions include The London Underground where a license is required, for this the TFL merged with Busk in London to host ‘auditions’ for performers to earn their licenses. Major artists such as Ed Sheeran, Bob Geldof and Jessie J all began performing as buskers. The next wave of street talent is out there and Staylit wants to find it. You can follow any updates on the Staylit.TV website.

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